What needs to stop is this whitewashing apologism


there are a lot of these messages in the divergent fandom. i’m going to be nice about it.

Please everyone, stop getting into fights about the races of the characters. Who cares if Tobias is a mixed race? who cares if Christina is black? seriously guys. 

even if a character ends up being a different race than described in the book, they were chosen for that part because they were good actors. Not because they looked the part.

And everyone who posting messages like this, you’re not being very nice either. calling everyone who is fancasting stupid and stuff. 

Please people, stop this nonsense and just bring the fandom back to the way it was. The movie news is tearing us apart. 

They are fancasts for a reason.

Lots of people care.

Because it’s important. They care a great deal. Lots of people, though obviously not you, have had to grow up in a world where they hardly ever get see any significant or positive representations of people who look like they do.

How can you, who has never ever ever ever been deprived of representation like that, brush it off like it’s trivial? How can you even pretend to know how important it is, ought to be, can be, to someone, just because it doesn’t matter to you?

And now you want to deny other people what you have always had, what you apparently assume is just your natural right to have unquestioned.

I have a hard time believing the bullshit about it only being based on talent, when they don’t appear to have considered anyone who wasn’t white in the first place. Did you notice how nobody rushed to defend Idris Elba for the part of James Bond because of talent? But that it’s the first thing people throw out in the reverse situation. And no one bothers to back it up either, it’s just like, Weeellll, I’m sure they got chosen because of talent!

Why are you so sure? Because otherwise you’d have to contemplate the uncomfortable reality that Hollywood just might prejudiced? And that this has harmful effects on some of your fellow human beings?

And then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your movie without completely ignoring the parts of it that are actively hurting other people. Poor you.

And I mean, are you really saying you don’t think there are any PoC actors within the ranks of “Most Talented?” And how is it, that even white actors who give bad performances keep getting work as long as they have a certain look? And why does every casting call leaked in situations like this turn out to have specifically asked for white people?

Let’s face it, they are casting for appearance, and they are casting for the wrong appearance. You apparently don’t even think that’s a bad thing, so I don’t know why you are bothering to make up excuses for them.

And re:fancasts, do you know what really isn’t nice? Erasing the PoC identities of characters and doing and saying things that imply PoC aren’t attractive or suitable enough to even represent themselves. That, is really fucking not nice.


"a" biracial

Seriously wtf was up with that “a”? Like it’s a noun or something. That’s really fucking rude.

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